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Cabinet of curiosities, wunderkammer: A theater of the world; containing objects whose categorical boundaries have yet to be defined.

In an age of special effects, we may also simply no longer know how to feel awe at the sight of sculptured faces by the German genius Tilman Riemenschneider or before a bronze statue by Donatello. We can’t see past the raw materiality and subject matter. Never mind that Donatello may have been the greatest creative genius until Picasso; he long ago got lapped in the public’s imagination by Madame Tussaud, who has given way to “Avatar” in 3-D and Alexander McQueen’s trippy costumed mannequins.

Michael Kimmelman, “Has Sculpture Become Just Another Pretty Face?” New York Times.

I not sure if I agree with Kimmelman or think that he’s just reveling in the contrary. 

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